5 Ways to have a friendlier Chatbot and not an angry one.

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We’ll start by saying that the whole point of a chatbot is replacing or aiding what an actual human support representative would do in a live chat. That being said, it should behave as wonderful assistant, think of Batman’s Alfred – very helpful, elegant yet down for a joke sometimes.

Alfred is knowledgeable so he answers to the point, making him seem like he knows what he’s talking about. That’s how a chatbot should behave, as opposed to delivering walls of text, a thing that we see more often than we’d like to.

If you need more proof that the second mode of conversation is best, just think of this: when your partner is mad and you are fighting through text, do they send you a big 500 to 1000 word composition or do they make short easy to understand points? Thought so, the last think you want is your bot looking like an angry girlfriend.

1. The chatbot should talk in lines not in blocks

As we have stated before and as the image above indicates, a chatbot should break down the information into bite sized pices in such a way that the user does not feel he or is she is being talket at, but rather talked to. To put it simply you should not present the problem, the solution an the thank you message in the same block of text. You can get creative using smart delays or typing functions from Manychat.

2. The chatbot should be a virtual assistant not a virtual leader.

We get it, your chatbot can be an alpha leader with tones of muscles and a machine gun, but it does not mean it should. The bot works best as soft guiding hand rather than a hard push. In terms of it being a robot think closer to R2D2 or C3PO and as far as you can from the Terminator. The user needs to be guided and helped, not intimidated by your show of force.

3. The best way out of a chatbot is the short way out

Congratulations! You did it! You built a chatbot that contains everything the user might need, but in your quest to lead people further into the bot you forgot to leave a way out, now people have to scroll up 5 minutes in order to reach the main menu again. Giving people a way back is not bad, they are not escaping, they are just exploring other paths. So, don’t hold the users as hostages and leave handy “Back” or “Main Menu” buttons as often as you can.

4. Your chatbot is not a human, and that’s ok.

Doesn’t matter how hard you try, your chatbot will not become a human, sorry you had to hear that. Don’t be afraid to leave a line that says “Should I get my human master for you? He has the answer to that”. If your chatbot is made well you’ll only have to default to bringing an admin into the equation once they want to convert or need further guidance, doesn’t matter the case, it is a sign that the user wants to become a client/customer. If they want to convert but your bot keeps spaming the “Sorry, can you repeat that” line, they might be turned off.

5. Don’t understimate how much people want to talk about themselves.

People are used to being the center of attention, even more so when they are the customer, so your chatbot should not tell people how awesome the founder of the company is but rather it should talk about their needs. You should tell them how you can help them and not how they can help you.

As a footnote, we can’t state how useful a quiz is in generating leads. Why? People want to be the center of attention, and if you can tell someone what type of bread they are, they are yours!

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