3 Amazing reasons why Marketing Automation is rising while budgets are being cut.

The truth about marketing automation

Before starting to talk about the wonders marketing automation we want to bring to the forefront a trait that most businesses seem to have in times of crisis and that is slashing merketing budgets. Don’t get us wrong, we get it, when times get hard you want to cut spending. However, we were lucky enough to have clients that listened to our advice and even if they slashed the advertising budget they didn’t stop all together, or even better – they redirected that budget towards automation.

To kill marketing while in hard times is like taking out the engine from your car to save on fuel consumption. But brighter times are ahead, we are happy to see a trend in the market, more and more people are looking with love towards marketing automation. Where in the past your sales people would have to chat people up, now they can come in only at the end and with all that time left they can do something else.

1. People are predictable, and predictable is good for Marketing Automation.

So, as you know we are specialized in building amazing chatbots and while not every bot is the same the big majority seem to need flows for frequently asked questions. Let’s take this into consideration: you are a construction company that wants to sell their houses without going to real estate agency, so you start running ads. No matter how well your information is stated people will still ask about the location, the price, how they can schedule a visit and how they can pay. They all seem like tedious questions, even if they are very important, so instead of hiring someone to answer the same questions all day long you hire us to automate the processDigital Help Agency.

Here’s what we’ll do: we’ll analyze what problems the users have and how you want to solve them them we’ll build flows for each question that are triggered by clicking on a button or if we want to give the feeling of talking to a real person the flows will be triggered by keywords found in the user’s input.

If they ask “What’s the price for one of these houses?” the bot will start a flow based on the word price and say something like “The price varies based on the house you choose from 100k to 200k. Can you select a house from below?”. The user will be taken care of as much as we can and when we can do no more, we’ll notify one of your sales people.

Bottom line, if the work seems repetitive and fit for a robot, it should be done by a robot.

2. Marketing Automation gives you time to do what really makes money.

We said it above and we are going to say it again “If the work seems repetitive and fit for a robot, it should be done by a robot.”

People are amazing, they set foot on the Moon and if Elon Musk is to have his way they will soon step on Mars, so if people are so amazing – why hire someone to do menial tasks that can be automated? We’re not saying that you should have no more human employees, we’re just saying that your sales people should make sales not send the same e-mail again and again.

Marketing Automation means setting-up ads so that you always have leads and having those leads be curated by an automated system so that only the ones that are of good quality will arrive in front of a human. We’re using ManyChat for our chatbots and we can’t state how friendly it is for marketing automation.

3. If you can automate something you can scale it. Point for Marketing Automation.

You can have the best sales people but if they are running around like a bunch of decapitated chickens after fresh leads they will not be at their A Game. If you can automate getting leads and process them to a point without human interaction, your sales people will have time to be in their best closing form because now they are no longer a Jack-Of-All-Trades, they are empowered to be The Wolf of Wall Street.

The best part is, as soon as you automate it you can scale it up. If your employees are hungry for more leads just tweak the ads and the messenger automation and BOOM they have more on their plate on demand.

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